Sustainability at YUNO

Mehr kaufen, mehr besitzen - Jahr für Jahr wird Neues gekauft, während gebrauchte Geräte Müllhalden überfüllen und Rohstoffe knapp werden.

Mit YUNO arbeiten wir gemeinsam daran, Elektromüll zu reduzieren.

With Yuno, we are working together to reduce electronic waste.
Buy more, own more - year after year, new things are bought, while used appliances overflow landfills and raw materials become scarce.
Did you know?
50.000.000 tons
electronic waste is generated worldwide every year.
Save raw materials
Shortage of raw materials is a present topic, as only 20% of all appliances are properly recycled after use. All other valuable raw materials end up in the landfill. By extending the service life, we can use these valuable materials for longer.
Extend lifetime
It's no secret - most people get an equipment upgrade even though the previous model still works. At YUNO, we take back the used equipment at the end of the rental period, refurbish it and send it on to the next rental phase, thereby extending its service life.
Till the end...
With us, all electronic devices live a long, fulfilled life. When the time has come, we take care of the correct recycling measures. This way, the valuable raw materials are recovered and the circle is closed.
Let's make a difference together.
Rent, Use, Return, Repeat.