The Yuno Care coverage is there for you in the event of a damage.

If your product suffers unintentional damage, contact us as soon as possible at We will then help you out.

What do we do?

Replacement product

You will receive a replacement product from us and can then return your defective device to us.


This means that you don't have to worry about the repair, because we will take care of that.

We will cover 90% of the cost of repair or replacement.

Die Kosten für die Reparatur oder den Ersatz werden zu 90% von uns abgedeckt.

This cover applies, among others, to:

Display breaks
Technical defects
Water damage
What happens in case of dysfunction?

Manufacturer-related device faults are of course 100% covered.

Do I have to pay for small scratches?

Don't worry, slight signs of use are not considered damage! It is normal for a device to wear out a little over time. The idea of Yuno is that you use your rental device as if it belonged to you. Nevertheless, we count on you to protect and care for your Yuno equipment as much as possible.

What is not covered?

Unfortunately, Yuno Care does not cover theft or loss. However, your household contents or liability insurance often covers such cases. Just ask your insurer.